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Life Cover For Your Unique Lifestyle

While life cover is a must for anyone looking out for their loved ones, many life insurance companies are reluctant to extend these benefits to folks living with serious pre-existing conditions that could easily call for an earlier pay-out. However, some insurers are catching up to meet the unusual needs of South Africans. Now, companies are offering specialised cover, specifically tailored with some of the most prevalent health issues faced in South Africa.

You might think such bespoke life insurance might set you back more than your medical bills. Thankfully, Supercompare is here to save the day (and your rainy-day savings) by connecting you with certified insurance providers that can meet you where you’re at.

HIV Life Cover

To many South Africans, a positive HIV status can sound like a financial death sentence. Although plenty of HIV-positive individuals can live full lives, thanks to the steps made by modern medicine, there are still too many health insurance companies unwilling to cover these individuals.

However, there is hope. Supercompare is dedicated to helping you find a life cover policy that protects your family’s finances, no matter what your HIV status!

Benefits Of Specialised Life Cover For HIV-Positive Individuals

Life Insurance For Diabetics

About 3.5 million South Africans are diagnosed with diabetes, while a further 5 million are estimated to be pre-diabetic. Despite complications from diabetes being the second most common cause of death in South Africa, there are not enough life insurance companies willing to foot the bill for families, who lose members to this terrible consequence.

That’s where Supercompare steps in. Our mission is to help you find a comprehensive, while affordable, Diabetic Life Insurance Policy that can assist your family in case the worst should happen. Whether you suffer from type 1 or type 2 diabetes, you should have a life insurance policy that also makes life worth living. Such specialised life cover can include Diabetic Disability Cover as well as a health monitoring programme to remind you of important medical check-ups, making your condition as liveable as possible.

Benefits of Specialised Life Cover For Diabetics