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Keep Your Car In Showroom Shape With A Service Plan

Your car usually tells its age in its wear and tear. Different parts must be maintained at least once a year according to the car manufacturer’s service schedule. However, getting the full once-over isn’t always affordable – sometimes your carefully planned budget can be derailed by the unforeseen.

That’s when it pays to have a service plan to your car. You can keep up with the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule no matter what happens down the road.

What Is Covered Under A Service Plan?

A worthwhile service plan should cover the costs associated with maintenance procedures and replacement parts. These include:

How Can I Save With A Service Plan?

The only way to get a service plan to best fit your budget is to find and compare different quotes. Save yourself hours of online research and copious calls with various service providers. With Supercompare, you can save both money and time, while we find the quote for you.

It’s good to note that service plan quotes can vary based on whether your car uses petrol or diesel. Nevertheless, you should be able to apply for quotes for either a 2-year service plan (40,000km) or a 3-year plan (60,000km).

With Supercompare, both of these options can be made affordable to anyone.

Optional Extensions To Your Plan

You have the option to extend your service plan to allow your vehicle to be serviced at any franchised car dealership like Audi or Mercedes-Benz.

An extended plan also covers several extra components:


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