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Scratch and Dent

Keep Your Car’s Exterior In Showroom Shape

Does your car insurance policy cover the costs of minor damages to your car’s exterior? While most insurers may foot the bill to repair unsightly dents and scratches, these cost often exceed your policy’s excess amount – so it sets you back by thousands of Rands anyway! As a responsible car owner, you take pride in your ride, and you want to keep it in good shape – especially if you’re considering selling it in the near future.

With Dent and Scratch Insurance, you can easily afford these repairs to your car’s exterior, from minor damage done by other vehicles to the unfortunate results from a recent hailstorm.

What Is Covered Under Scratch And Dent?

Scratch and Dent Cover helps to manage the cost of keeping your car presentable manageable. But there’s more to it than the odd touch-up paint job. This form of insurance covers the costs to mend the following damages:

How Can Dent And Scratch Cover Add Value To My Car?

Maybe you’re among those car owners, who spend a small fortune each month for a comprehensive car insurance policy. But does your policy step in to mend those minor damages that can make your car unsightly to you or a potential buyer?

Scratch and Dent Insurance goes so much further than one might think. While your car policy may spring for the cost of major repairs after a car accident, an errant trolley scratching your door or a hailstorm pitting your roof and bonnet rarely feature in the fine print. A Scratch and Dent Policy can help you mend the bumps and scrapes without denting your bank balance or interfering in your cashback rewards from your car insurer.

How Does Dent & Scratch Insurance Save Money?

This type of insurance policy is hardly a burden. For a small monthly payment, you can sort out those little flaws without having to dip into your car insurance policy benefits.

With the right Scratch and Dent Policy, you can enjoy the following perks:


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