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It’s an unfortunate fact that most South Africans struggle to afford the costs of quality healthcare. While medical aid is out of reach for many of us, a medical insurance policy can prove the saving grace in a literal life and death situation. In exchange for a reasonable monthly payment, you gain access to a countrywide network of GPs for unlimited consultations as well as a range of medical assessments, medicines for chronic and acute conditions, and emergency treatments both in and out of hospital.


Medical Insurance Benefits

* Some of the above benefits are dependant on which policy you choose

Value Added Services

Think You May Need Medical Insurance?

If you’re concerned about whether your finances would be able to recover from an unexpected medical emergency, it’s never too early or too late to find the best medical insurance for you and your family. Apply for a quote today with Supercompare!


*Please note, this is not a medical aid scheme, and the cover is not the same as a medical aid scheme. A medical insurance policy is not a substitute for membership with a medical aid scheme.

Please note that your details will be sent to a medical insurance broker in partnership with:

This is not a Medical Scheme and the cover is not the same as that of a Medical Scheme. This Policy is not a substitute for Medical Scheme membership. The administrator of this product is Kaelo Risk (Pty) Ltd, an authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP 36931). Kaelo Risk (Pty) Ltd holds preference shares in Centriq Insurance Company Limited. Insurance products are underwritten by Centriq Insurance Company Limited (“Centriq”), a licensed non-life insurer and authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP 3417). The Value Added Services are Kaelo offerings. Service Providers are contracted to Kaelo.