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Don’t Sweat The Costs Of A Breakdown

It’s a sad fact that your car’s value begins to decline the minute you drive it out of the dealership. Any malfunctioning engine components for the first few years are the responsibility of the manufacturer, who would cover the costs of repairs or replacements under the manufacturer’s warranty. However, once that time is up, it falls to you to cover repairs in the event of an electrical or mechanical breakdown.

Now may be the perfect time to consider taking out an extended motor warranty.

What Is Covered Under A Motor Warranty?

Time and mileage can gradually wear away at key car parts. There are few warning signs of an impending breakdown, and repairs or replacement of these vital components can set you back financially.

Thankfully, an extended motor warranty can cover these costs, including:

How Does A Motor Warranty Save Money?

You may be able to budget for your car’s annual service, but no one knows when to expect a breakdown.

Depending on your chosen motor warranty plan, you can expect to be covered for the cost of multiple major mechanical and electrical components as well as the work done at reputable RMI-approved workshops across the country.

What’s more, having a motor warranty attached to your car can sweeten the deal for your buyer and help you get the best price for your ride.

When the manufacturer’s warranty runs out, you can continue to drive with peace of mind when you cover your car (and your bank account) when you take out an extended motor warranty from Supercompare.

Additional Benefits

Apart from covering the cost of multiple major mechanical and electrical components, you can add the following optional services to your policy:


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