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What Your Start-Up Needs More Than Anything

A company is only as good as the sum of its parts, and the same goes for your business. As much as you want to offer your best to your clients and customers, that usually requires having a workforce that’s giving their best. But the other challenge is keeping those great team players. So, how do you keep the best employees on your payroll and keep them doing your best?

Propose a weekly challenge

Complacency and boredom are the enemies of top-performing employees. Give them something to chew on over the course of the week. Your “challenge” doesn’t have to be a make-or-break project; give your team something to chew on for the week that they can come together and brainstorm on Friday. Besides being a great team-building opportunity, you’re giving your employees the chance to share knowledge and ideas.

Reward attitude as well as skills

An employee with an enthusiastic attitude toward his job has a greater chance of taking the time to improve his or her skills. A good attitude is more likely to translate into taking initiative and pushing the envelope. Rewarding a good attitude/up-skilling that results in better performance can play out as public affirmation or (if their efforts directly translate into higher profits) a nice bonus.

Make the job about building a career, not just making money

The best way to lock down a great employee is by showing them all the places they can go in your company. No one wants to work a dead-end job. Be sure to remind your employees about their potential future within your organisation and watch them work themselves up to work their way up.

Make it worth their while

Money isn’t everything – benefits also go a long way too in drawing in and keeping the best of the best on your staff. So, slap some “golden handcuffs” on them by paying above-market rates and other incentives. To sweeten the pot, chip in to help pay for their medical aid or their retirement annuity. However, the biggest selling point for any workplace is the workspace. There’s a reason Google and Facebook employees feel entitled to some extensive bragging rights: they’re treated like rock stars and so they perform like rock stars.

Give your employees space to make their own decisions

Surveys have shown that employees, who are given the space to make their own decisions and be responsible for their outcome, have a higher level of job satisfaction. Since happy employees are more likely to stick around longer, give yours a little more control over their projects.

Communicate like a boss

As important as it is to let your employees run with a project, you need to be able to keep your finger on the pulse of things, while ensuring everyone is still on the right track. Be the boss your employees aren’t afraid to approach but know when to be the coach and when to be the boss. Make sure your team is aware of your company’s objectives and is operating in harmony with these goals.

Fire bad employees

There is nothing more frustrating and draining for a hardworking employee than a co-worker, who isn’t doing their job. Regularly assess your team’s skills and weed out non-performing staff where necessary.

Of course, nothing is final until it’s in writing. To keep things above board, it’s best to get a legal professional to write up your employee contracts. With good business legal cover, your company can afford to lock down the best employees.

Do you already use any of these tricks for a more productive staff? How have you been keeping the best people at your company?