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Pay-As-You-Need Life Cover

You only pay for the life insurance coverage you require, allowing you to save money by avoiding unnecessary expenses.

World-First Illness Cover

This feature offers payouts of up to 200% for advanced medical treatment and medications, both locally and internationally, providing comprehensive coverage for serious illnesses.

Disability Cover

The insurance provides a 100% cash payout on all valid claims in case of disability, offering unmatched financial security in the event of a disability.

Smart Cover Conversion

Unneeded insurance coverage can convert into additional Illness and Injury Cover without any additional cost, ensuring you always have the necessary protection.

Dynamic Income Protection

This feature safeguards your income and adjusts with your changing income and promotional increases, ensuring financial stability during various stages of your career.


You receive a refund of any leftover premiums, offering a potential financial benefit if you don't make any claims during the coverage period.

In summary, this insurance product offers flexible coverage, extensive protection for serious illnesses, disability support, and unique benefits like automatic coverage conversion and potential premium refunds.