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Mobile Subscriptions

The introduction of smartphones have made so much of our lives so convenient. Our goal is to make it more so!

You can get money-saving deals sent straight to your phone each month. Enjoy the benefits of affordable medical advice, legal aid resources, grocery coupons, and other unique services specifically tailored to South Africans.

Supercompare will connect you to…

Dr-Doctor is a medical information application using multi-platform technologies to provide all South Africans with affordable, accessible and professional medical assistance at their fingertips. Members can easily access the service via mobile app, mobi-site or website.

Our doctor network ranges across South Africa, providing informative medical advice and assistance to our members. Once signed up, they can use any of the platforms for instant live chat access with a doctor.

Legal Chief is a leader in its field, assisting clients countrywide. Once signed up, members will be entitled to unlimited access to an attorney. The application is simply downloaded to a mobile device by clicking on a provided link. Upon activation, members will have access to the full Legal Chief advisory team via mobile app, mobi-site or website.

We are South Africa’s leading online legal assistance team, and the first to communicate with you via the device of your choice. Our application of the law, and all our personal interactions, are based on the fundamental values of care, co-operation, capability, empathy and thorough professionalism.

SADealz is a premium South African daily deals platform that brings you exclusive offers, discounts, coupons & specials from premium brands available in South Africa.

From discounts on fitness memberships to savings on kitchen electronics to special deals on phone contracts and insurances.

With SADealz you pay a small daily premium of just R3/day, which then gives you access to thousands of deals from more than 550 nationwide partners. SADealz continuously looks for new and exciting partners that we can add to our online mall in order to bring you even more value and more savings.

Push Up is a fitness solution in the palm of your hand that can be done anytime, anywhere. A personalized experience that takes your specific goals & requirements into account. Push Up provides you with an exercise and diet plan based on your specific needs.

You input all the requirements based on your body, your available time, fitness tools you have access too and your budget, and Push Up will provide you with a unique, tailored plan that will help you achieve your goals towards living a healthier life.

Just Ishumi is a fun fantasy soccer prediction game that offers you one entry to a competition each game week and unlimited access of the content available while you remain subscribed. You pick your best players and earn points based on their performance in the matches. The top teams with the most points on the leaderboards win the prizes.

Junoflo has many more mobile content services ranging from lotto results, to soccer scores, to dating & many more.