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Credit Cards With FNB

Manageable Credit To Get You Ahead

Managing credit can feel like a minefield when you don’t have the right credit provider on your side. A bank is typically regarded as the more regulated, and therefore more reliable, provider as opposed to microlenders. However, not all banks are equal. With so many options out there, how do you know you’re getting the best deal on a credit account?

With Supercompare and FNB, you can find an easy to access and manage credit stream with a reasonable interest rate.

Credit Accounts With FNB

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Work Your Credit To Your Advantage

Although getting a credit card or overdraft can seem daunting, it can yield some surprising results. Of course, it’s important to remain wary of the interest that can accumulate on credit amounts you withdraw from this account. You can avoid this excess amount by paying the balance in full by the end of each month.

If you keep up with your credit card payments, you will not only have more credit available to you in future, but you will also discover your credit score improve each month. Using a credit card is also safer than using a debit card. A fraudulent transaction made on a debit card swipes money directly out of your account. Your credit, meanwhile, is technically not your own money, so you don’t have to sweat a dent in your personal finances, while you log a fraud report with your bank.

How To Apply For An FNB Credit Account

Affordable access to credit has never been easier! All you need to do is fill out the above form and one of our agents will phone you to advise on next steps.

While you wait, consider getting the following documents together for your application:


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